Answers From Within

by T.Rudy

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released August 21, 2012

Kelly Johnson - Vocals (Part 3)
Derek Lehn - Violin
G. C. - Cello



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T.Rudy Hurricane, Utah

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Track Name: Part One: Living Asleep, Lullaby, No Path
fallen trees and missing leaves
the air we breath nature's relief
oh the rain it borrows me and takes me away at least i have the rain
rain rain got to stay i miss you when you're away

starry night, empty skies
when we look up, all forsaken on this
little rock, tiny dot
starry night, lullaby
rest your head, shut your eyes ant take the
deepest breath, longest breath

birds and bees, the nectar we need

if there is a light, i will seek it
if there is no path, find a way
i will search within, contemplate
my heart cries again, but i cannot hear
Track Name: Part Two: Calculated Living Free, Machine, Shouting On My Own
day in day out day in day out, days come days go
step it up as your told, clanking clanking clanking, do your work, as your told, clanking clanking clanking clanking
salt the wound and stab the flesh, tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock, hold the ground and keep the best, tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock
watch it tear the heart away slashing ripping tearing squeezing, piece by piece we're torn away, slashing ripping tearing squeezing
calculated living free, (inhale exhale) nothing that you'd want to be (inhale exhale)
A life once lived is doomed to repeat

when they ask me "boy what're you gonna be?" don't ask me again, don't ask me again
when they try to prod and they try to see, don't ask me again don't ask me again
so don't you ask me what i'll be, a boy, just a boy
so don't you try to see what ill be
you be you and ill be me (you be you and ill be me)
ive watched you, now you watch me (chase a dream ive always seen)
life is meant to be spent free (shared beliefs hold equally)
these expectations are tyranny
you be you and ill be me

don't you lie, you never tried you know its here, so now you fear
that i won't come back i won't come back, well i won't come back
ive done my time, ive waited in line and now im on the other side
can you hear me down below?
im shouting on my own
see how much ive grown
i wont be coming home
Track Name: Part Three: Dearie, Variation On A Theme By Saint-Seans, I Do
all your breath and all of you is all id want and all id choose
the way your words say so much more, the song your soul sings that ive only heard
when i put my hands on you, running in your veins are the beats of two
the way my heart sings for you, in all these ways would you say i do

all the pathes of the walks we've had, when my story is told itll make me glad to have had my friend
Track Name: Part Four: Intuition, Canon in D
oh, now i have a regret the walls seem so much taller now, from the outside looking in
oh, now i have a fear, a fear of losing something more than i could bear
Track Name: Part Five: Everything You Know Isn't Yours, The Empty Box
everytime i try, everywhere i hide, every thought i thimk, im alone
tell me what you want to see, tell me what you want me to be, give me your best guess cos im leaving home soon
i am always out of step i need a place to catch my breath, i can barely stand at all, i need to breath before i fall if i had nearly no regrets

give me all your words, tell me what i ought to have heard, tell me what to think
how could you alone make thoughts and think on your own, when everything you know isn't yours!
no child could simply hear my words and tell me what i sing them for, i could stream a ream of words with thoughts and feelings none ignored
if only you knew how to breath, if only you could listen to me

were trapped inside an empty box where pictures tend to get old inside, beyond the walls where noone can step theres nothing to feel and no regrets, this world exists without a boss where none live but all have died, no hours pass no wrinkles form, no bodies holding us down to the floor
here we will find a lost sense of imagery, where lives turn to dust and souls become us
has life been an empty bore is ending it an open door, have i become what i abhor, this world sure seems to treat me poor, hearts and flesh were trapped within, i ask myself is life this worth
Track Name: Part six: Live Here Awakened, I Am Here Now, Chaconne, Answers From Within Cantata
nothing is estranged here, nothing just stays here, above and below side to side, all are one here
in cycles we all row here, time doesn't flow here, breath wasn't meant, on fear to be spent, live here awakened

come come see the light, it dances and shimmers so bright, through the places to be, and living free, and love for thee, and imagery
you can count for me, when i don't live passionately, cos i don't count and i don't care, there is no trouble when life i bear

but i breath here
now i see here
but i awake
now i breath life

i am here now